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Update on Our Election Contest

Remember when we asked our readers to predict the outcome of select primary races last month? Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it?

But as certain races have gone into overtime, prompting recounts in a couple of cases, we have been hesitant to declare a victor among the dozens of people who entered the contest. We’re still hesitant. But we’re getting closer.

It all hinges on the last recount in the Democratic primary for Montgomery County executive. County Councilman Marc B. Elrich has been officially certified as the winner, but now wealthy businessman David T. Blair, who lost by 79 votes, is paying for a partial recount.

What does this mean for our contest?

Think of it as the semi-finals and finals of a tournament. If Elrich remains the winner, two contest entrants have the most correct answers. But one of them did better on the tie-breaker, so that person would win.

If the results are reversed and Blair is declared the winner, two other contest entrants would have the greatest number of correct answers. But here again, one person did better on the tie-breaker.

So essentially, we have four semi-finalists. But only we know who the two finalists are.

Stay tuned — if only for a little bit longer. And thanks to all who entered.