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Kirwan Responds to Media Reports on Commission’s Work and Timetable

To clarify some of the reporting following Thursday’s release of the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education’s Preliminary Report, Commission Chairman William E. Kirwan has the following statement:

The Commission is engaged in the serious business of building a statewide pre K–12 education system that will ensure all Maryland students have the opportunities that they deserve, that the State’s economic future is secured, and that more of our citizens share in the prosperity of that stronger economy. The Commission, which includes legislators, two members of the Governor’s cabinet, and stakeholders from across our education system and business communities, believes that in doing this serious and thoughtful work, we must get it right – and we must take the time to ensure that we get it right.


 Dr. William E. Kirwan

That is why the Commission unanimously agreed to extend its deadline into 2018. Out of an abundance of caution, the Commission’s deadline to submit a final report is being extended by a year to December 2018.

Some have misinterpreted this to mean that the Commission will not issue its final report until after the election. However, as Chair of the Commission I can tell you that we have no intention of taking the rest of the calendar year to complete our work. In particular, I have never said the final report would be delayed until after the election and I am confident it will not be. We will aim to complete our work as expeditiously as possible while remaining true to the need to get it right.

Efforts of this magnitude will inevitably come with criticism. But what is at stake for the children and future generations of the State is too important and the need for leadership and cooperation from top to bottom in our State is too vital to be distracted by it. The Commission looks forward to the continued commitment to productive collaboration with all of our stakeholders and leaders as we work toward implementing this shared vision.