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Letter to the Editor: Del. Mark Fisher Raps Senate President’s Baltimore Event

Editor’s Note: The following was submitted in response to our Nov. 28 item on several high-dollar fundraisers in December — including one for Senate President Mike Miller (D). In an earlier version of this item, posted on Sunday night, Del. Fisher erroneously stated that lobbyist Gerard Evans is hosting the fundraiser.

By Del. Mark Fisher

Senate President Mike Miller, who represents Calvert County, is holding a $1,000 a plate fundraiser in Baltimore.

Miller is holding the fundraiser in a city with poverty so great that 86 percent of public school students receive free meals. Meanwhile, he’s charging $1,000 a plate!

It appears that lobbyists and special interests continue to control career politicians like Mike Miller. Meanwhile, the children of Baltimore are stuck in failing schools, broken homes, unsafe neighborhoods, and poverty.

Del. Mark Fisher, a Republican, represents District 27C in Calvert County.